How it Works

Capturing your memories is easy and fun!

  • Your designated Parent Historian (who specializes in conducting heartwarming memory catching interviews) will phone you once every two or three weeks at your prescheduled time (that fits within your schedule).
    During your 20 to 30-minute session, you’ll share the hysterical, sweet and insightful things
    your child recently said and did. Get ready for lots of giggles and “aahhs.”

  •  Can't remember all your stories?
    We'll provide you with tools to help you recall the adorable moments in between interviews. 

  •  Your Parent Historian will write down your stories in glorious detail. 

  •  When you complete your package, you will receive your collection of stories in a distinctive spiral-bound journal and have the opportunity to purchase personalized gift items.

  •  You may designate a grandparent, caregiver, teacher or anyone else who spends quality time with your child to be interviewed by your Parent Historian.